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CHI Oakes Hospital Foundation is gearing up for their 3rd Annual Casino Night on March 2, 2018.

Download Flyer (pdf)

This year’s funds will go towards updating laboratory equipment at the hospital. In conjunction with this event, they are again selling raffle tickets for 1 of 5 vacation packages to raise funds.

Tickets can be purchased by calling 701-742-3291 or at the hospital.

Only 100 tickets will be sold!

Casino Night March 2, 2018

McLean 5K Fun Walk/Run 2017

McLean 5K Fun Walk/Run 2017

Sue McLean 5K Fun Run/Walk 2016

"Race for the Stars" CHI Oakes Hospital Foundation

Photos taken at the Sue McLean 5K Fun Run/Walk that took place Saturday, June 11th 2016.

The first male and female runner to finish - Chase Breitbach (left) and Erica (Visto) Sherman (right)

The first walker to complete was ReNae Roney (left) and the first biker to complete was Isaac Paradis (right)

Be Aware, Don't Wait for a Scare!

Be Aware, Don't Wait for a Scare!

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North Dakota Taxpayers may receive a 40% tax credit for a gift to CHI Oakes Hospital’s Future Endowment Fund

North Dakota legislators continue to move the state to the cutting edge of state charitable income tax credits with legislation providing tax credits for gifts made to qualified North Dakota endowments.

A qualified endowment is defined as an “irrevocable fund held by a North Dakota incorporated or established organization that is a qualified non-profit organization; or a bank or trust company holding the fund on behalf of a qualified non-profit organization.”

An endowment is a fund held by a tax-exempt organization where the principal of the fund is not wholly expendable. Only the interest and appreciation earned in an endowment fund can be used for current operations.

An individual may receive a 40% tax credit for contributions of $5,000 or more (lump sum or aggregate in one year) to a qualified North Dakota endowment. If a donor is in a 28% federal tax bracket, the tax benefit may look like this:

Gift amount of $5,000 – $1,400 Federal Tax Deduction – $2,000 ND State Income Tax Credit = $1,600 Net Cost*

*This information is provided for educational purposed only. Please consult with your own attorney, accountant or financial advisor for advice on your particular situation.

2014 Gala Sponsors
Thank You, CHI Oakes Hospital Foundation Elvis Experience 2014 Gala Sponsors

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Oakes Foundation

Thank You Sponsors
Annual ReportRejoice in the rich fabric of family and friends which holds you safe, and grateful, at many times in life.

It is often heard when people come to Oakes, “Wow, this community has great support” and it is true, we are blessed with generous, caring people. This past year Oakes Community Hospital (OCH) has been privileged to share in providing care keeping you at the center of the picture with:

  • 1,369 Emergency Room Visits,
  • 10,009 Outpatient Visits,
  • 2,258 Inpatient days of care and
  • 403 total inpatient admissions.


Securing The Promise  

CHI Oakes Hospital Foundation can assist you and your financial advisor as you plan your family’s future. We offer a full range of planned giving options that may help you achieve your goals.

  • CHI Oakes Hospital Future Endowment - View Brochure
  • North Dakota Taxpayers May Receive A 40% Tax Credit for Gifts to Endowments - View PDF
What can $24 or more do...?

$24, or any other amount, is an inexpensive reminder. Your contribution will provide funds for improvements and technology in the emergency room. Many times the difference between life and death is a matter of distance. North Dakotans know this well. A car crash, heart attack, asthma attack, and other medical crisis require immediate care.

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Foundation Press Releases

Rooted in Faith

The Foundation at CHI Oakes Hospital (OCH) is a foundation rooted firmly in faith. We are a separate and independent 501.c.3, (not for profit organization as defined by the IRS) with our own Board of Directors. We work closely with OCH and their mission of improving your health with expertise, compassion, and grace for the community.

Tax deductible contributions help to support the health care needs in the area by supporting the hospital so we can build the best quality care locally. The ultimate recipient of your gift could be you, a friend or family member receiving care in your local hospital. This saves you money by reducing the need to travel away from home and gets you the care you need in our homelike atmosphere.

The OCH Foundation administers grant requests, (current grant is the new digital mammography suite where you can have your mammogram taken every day of the week onsite without going outside!) and carrying out projects essential to the growth and development of OCH and building an endowment fund We can’t simply maintain. We must proactively and positively change for the future of healthcare or we may cease to exist. Our presence at OCH will build a strong financial base to keep the economic impact we provide the region to remain.

Your OCH Foundation all comes back to you!

For more information or to make a gift call us at 701.742.3854

Regular Mail can be sent to:
OCH Foundation
1200 N 7th St
Oakes, ND 58474
Or Call Kim at 701.742.3854

Remember OCH Foundation in your will. The Foundation is a 501.c.3 nonprofit charity, we can help reduce your tax burden and benefiting the local health care for loved ones and community.


 CHI Oakes Hospital

1200 North 7th Street

Oakes, North Dakota 58474

(701) 742.3291

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