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Amy BakkeNational Nurse Anesthetists Week - January 19-25, 2014

Millions of rural Americans count on Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA’s) for convenient, safe, cost-effective anesthesia care. As the sole anesthesia providers in most rural hospitals, CRNA’s enable patients to receive obstetrical, surgical and trauma stabilization services without traveling long distances to urban medical facilities.

Every rural American should know that:

  • Nearly 1,500 rural hospital rely solely on CRNA's for anesthesia services
  • In the administration of anesthesia, CRNA’s perform the same functions as anesthesiologists and provide anesthetics to patients in collaboration with surgeons and other physicians.
  • CRNA’s have traditionally made quality anesthesia services accessible to medically underserved areas, from America’s heartland to its inner cities.
  • The National Rural health Association has long recognized the abilities of CRNA’s and their contributions to healthcare in rural America.

CHI Oakes Hospital, Oakes Community Clinic and the staff of providers here at the hospital would like to thank Amy Bakke, CRNA for all the work she does here for patients to receive local health care and pain management. Thanks Amy!  (photo: Amy Bakke, CRNA)


 CHI Oakes Hospital

1200 North 7th Street

Oakes, North Dakota 58474

(701) 742.3291

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