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Amber PatzlaffNew physical therapist has joined
staff at OCH

Amber Patzlaff is a new physical therapist at OCH. She is originally from the Oakes/Guelph area. Amber commented that she enjoys the small town living and that working in Oakes at OCH as a Physical Therapist makes her very happy because this is the community where she grew up. Her parents are Stan Swanson and Roberta Swanson. When I asked Amber how she became interested in physical therapy she told me that she had injured her left knee playing basketball in her eighth grade year, and her right knee playing basketball in her senior year at Oakes High School. Amber, of course, needed to have physical therapy on her injured knees and this is when she discovered that she wanted to be a physical therapist.

After graduating from Oakes High School she attended college at the University of Mary in 2004. To become a physical therapist, Amber needed to attend the University of Mary for six years. In 2008 she received her University Studies Degree and in 2010 she received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Amber started working at OCH in March along with Ryan Lagodinski, PT, DPT. She works with in-patients that are in swing beds, home health and out-patients. She is experienced in Geriatrics (with the focus on the health care of elderly people), wound care, balance and orthopedic issues after surgery, and Lymphedema (a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling in the body and how to get rid of the condition).

I asked Amber if she had goals that she would like to add to her experience in her field. She replied that she would like to expand her knowledge in working with all ages of patients. In the future she would like to see the physical therapist unit start a clinical site for physical therapist students. The students would follow them for eight weeks of clinicals. Amber commented that she enjoys teaching within her profession.

After graduating, she married Lucas Patzlaff of Mitchell, S.D. She and Lucas moved to Britton, S.D. and she worked at the nursing home in Groton. She then began working in Britton, Roslyn, and Bristol, S.D. Amber and her husband currently live in Britton, commuting to their jobs. She commutes to Oakes, and Lucas commutes to Gwinner where he works as an electrician for Bob Cat. I asked Amber if they were considering relocating to Oakes and she responded that is what they plan to do in the future.

When Amber is not working she enjoys going for walks, playing with their dog, traveling, attending concerts and sporting events, and spending time with family.

Congratulations, Amber, on your new job at OCH and welcome home.



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