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The Environmental Services staff, both Facilities and Housekeeping, start their work day at 0700.

Starting in the clinic, the bathroom and all touch areas in all the rooms are disinfected. Clean linens are stocked and the dirty linen removed. When done in the clinic, the front lobby and public bathrooms get cleaned. All touch areas are disinfected, the garbage is removed and the floors are swept and scrubbed. Garbage is then picked up in the open offices on the way to the back where the employee bathrooms are then cleaned. The dining room is next where dishes and anything lying around is picked up. The table and counters get washed and disinfected, the dishwasher gets loaded and run if necessary, the napkins and salt & peppers are restocked, garbage is removed and the floor swept. When time allows, the floors also get burnished.

Once that has been completed, clean laundry is restocked in the patient servers and clean utility room. Dirty laundry is picked up and either washed in-house or sent to Buhl’s. Buhl’s does bedding, OR scrubs, x-ray linens and all gowns except mammo gowns. Patient clothing, lab coats, mammo gowns, pillow and mattress covers, housekeeping and dietary rags, apartment linens and mop heads are all washed here in the facility. The laundry is washed and folded throughout the day. Next on the agenda is the Lab where the floor is scrubbed and surface cleaning is done.

In the ED, all surfaces are disinfected, floors swept and garbages removed. Paper products (towels and toilet paper) and soap are restocked. Patient rooms are next. Cleaning rooms with patients consists of disinfecting all touch surfaces when possible, disinfecting the sink and toilet and removing any garbage. Paper products, bags and soap are restocked followed by the floor being swept and scrubbed. In a discharged room, the entire room is thoroughly disinfected. Besides all touch surfaces, the mattress, pillows and bed frame are also disinfected. In an isolation room, the privacy and shower curtains are also removed and washed.

When time allows, walls throughout the building are washed, floors are stripped and re-waxed, windows are cleaned, carpets are shampooed and mop boards are scrubbed.

In Facilities, Keith’s day starts at 0700 at least three seasons of the year and any day that it does not snow. All carpeted floors are vacuumed daily. Mechanical and building rounds are then performed. Mechanical rounds consist of checking the AC, heating, hot water heaters, water softeners and the fire system in the Mechanical Room. Building rounds include checking for leaks in the ceiling and windows as well as checking the floors for stains, and checking for overall cleanliness. The next order of business is to make any necessary repairs. Facility One preventive maintenance on all items is done monthly.

In the summer the lawn gets mowed twice a week. Fertilizing is done three times a year: spring – mid July – fall, and watering is done nightly. The outside water is turned on after the weather is warm enough and is turned off when it freezes outside. Other things done outside are painting the parking lots and helipad once a year, maintenance in the Healing Garden and roof top checks. The water pump in the Healing Garden is removed in the fall just before freeze up and put back in the spring when the water can be turned on. Weeding in the Healing Garden is done on a regular basis as well.

Checking the rooftop is another outside duty. The rooftop units control the inside environment. The filters need to be changed annually and moving parts are greased monthly but they are inspected daily. Roof fans are checked daily and belts are changed monthly. These are daily preventive maintenance items on the Facility One list. In the winter, Keith does snow removal whenever it snows sometimes working all day and all night. He also makes sure to put down ice melt when needed.

Inside the building, the fire caulking is checked monthly. These checks are done just above the ceiling tiles. Fire drills are done monthly during different shifts and the fire extinguishers are checked monthly. The beeping noises coming from the Facilities office are alarms to bring attention to a gas (oxygen or nitrogen) tank that needs to be changed.

Keith also does a few jobs that aren’t listed anywhere. He has assisted with lifting patients. He helps rearrange offices. He will start cars for staff in the winter or when a battery goes dead. He will even pick up staff and bring him/her to work if a vehicle has trouble. He is our main hamburger and hotdog ‘chef’ for our staff meals. He says he is always ready to help anyone who needs help.

The staff of the Environmental Services Department presently has three people: Keith, Janet and Cindy. A Facilities Assistant position is currently being interviewed for and is expected to be filled soon.


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