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Annual ReportRejoice in the rich fabric of family and friends which holds you safe, and grateful, at many times in life.

It is often heard when people come to Oakes, “Wow, this community has great support” and it is true, we are blessed with generous, caring people. This past year Oakes Community Hospital (OCH) has been privileged to share in providing care keeping you at the center of the picture with:

  • 1,369 Emergency Room Visits,
  • 10,009 Outpatient Visits,
  • 2,258 Inpatient days of care and
  • 403 total inpatient admissions.

The numbers don’t tell the whole story, many of our staff have become like family members to patients. One Emergency Room patient said about their provider, “He handled the situation very well; he was competent, patient and caring. He did a great job and I was happy to have him here in Oakes” and another patient commented on their nurse, “She was very professional and we were very happy with her and the hospital here.”

There is no better place for care than home. Your contributions this year have made a difference in the lives of everyone touched by CHI Oakes Hospital. We believe patients are best served when they take an active role in their health care. We believe in working together with you, keeping you in the picture, with any provider you choose for your healthcare.

Need a lab test, mammogram, MRI test or more? Choose Oakes Community Hospital for all your healthcare needs. By saying yes to services here, our doors remain open. With open doors, we are able to fulfill our faith based mission to you: creating a healthier community. With OCH as a healthcare choice in Oakes, think of the economic impact as people travel to Oakes for not only healthcare services, but many more.

The Foundation is excited this year to have created an Endowment Fund giving you more ways to save on tax burdens and keep healthcare in Oakes alive, your donation will make a world of difference, I promise you. We were here yesterday, are here today and will be here tomorrow, forever at your service.


Kim Schmit
Executive Director


 CHI Oakes Hospital

1200 North 7th Street

Oakes, North Dakota 58474

(701) 742.3291

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