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December 6th, 2010

Oakes Community Hospital through the Eyes of a Physician:

Oakes Community Hospital has partnered with Coast-To-Coast Healthcare Services since October 2009 to provide comprehensive healthcare services for our patients. Coast-To-Coast works exclusively with Critical Access Hospitals across the country and understands and meets the needs of rural hospitals by providing ER, inpatient, clinic and nursing home coverage by dependable, quality physicians. OCH has had the privilege of having five Coast-To-Coast physicians as part of our healthcare team over the past year: Dr. Mark Bolton, Dr. Robert Hicks, Dr. William Collier, Dr. John Pabers and Dr. Sean Stiltner. OCH was recently highlighted in the Coast-To-Coast November newsletter and below are some excerpts from the article.

"Hospital Spotlight: CHI Oakes Hospital" by Bob Hicks, MD, C.O.O. Coast-To-Coast Healthcare Services. "Nestled in the hardy Midwestern town of Oakes, North Dakota lies Oakes Community Hospital. This well designed modern facility stands as a testament to its town's commitment to maintaining excellent health care in the


Bob Hicks, MD

Bob Hicks, MD

region. Rarely have I seen a community as interested in and supportive of, its hospital, and it shows. It has long been my opinion that a hospital is molded by its citizens, and therefore it is a reflection of that community, so much so, that an experienced eye can tell quite a lot about a town by visiting the local hospital.

To my eyes, Oakes is a wonderful place for raising a family. It's the kind of town where folks wave to you as they drive by, even if you're a stranger. It's a place where people are involved in their schools, churches and hospital. A place where they still insist on carrying your groceries to the car. I've found the population to be honest, hardy, and friendly, likely from a combination of hard winters, commitment to faith and family, and no doubt from a strong Scandinavian heritage.

In my 18 year career, I've worked at dozens of hospitals. CHI Oakes Hospital is about the best run facility that I've had the privilege to be part of. The nursing staff is helpful and talented. Administration, led by hospital Administrator Lee Boyles and Director of Nursing Kim Ketterling, manage with a gentle hand on the reins. Ancillary services are hard working and universally dedicated to the successful functioning of the hospital. There is a family atmosphere, a 'let's pitch in and get it done' attitude. OCH does things the way they should be done.

It is not unusual to walk into a patient room and find one of the Sisters doing the hair of an elderly patient, or having a quiet conversation with another. Christian values are deeply ingrained in the staff. On the occasion of a patient passing away, the staff spontaneously breaks into prayer, then sit with the family and spend time listening to stories about the patient's life and giving solace as best they can. The staff does this so naturally that I don't believe they understand how rare and valuable this is.

The town itself is small. I've only counted one stop light so far. Despite its size, Oakes has a full downtown area with several interesting shops and places to eat. I've worked regularly at OCH for nearly a year, and always look forward to returning. CHI Oakes Hospital and its staff repeated remind me of why I originally thought going into the medical field was a good idea."

We wanted to share these comments with our patients, staff and friends in the community as this is not only a testament of the quality healthcare provided at Oakes Community Hospital but tribute to the wonderful community we serve.


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